It’s my fourth time to buy Shakey’s Supercard so it’s not a question anymore how it works.

But, today’s SuperCard brings added benefit worth 1,089 pesos, New! Sounds cool, yes! Besides from its most common benefits like a FREE pizza of the same size after you order by call for delivery either Large or Party size pizza and 1.5 liter of Coke, additional Perks (Free 6 coupons*) as much as P1,089 that’ll get you going. =)

*Super Card’s New Benefit, Free 6 Coupons;

– Buy 1 Take 1 Bunch of Lunch! Save P170
– Get a Free Upgrade to Carbonara Supreme or Classic Spaghetti Platter! Save P170
– Buy 1 Take 1 Super Shake! Save P155
– Get a Free Family Size Salad of your choice for every Great Meal Deal order! Save P255
– Get 40% discount on Large Thin Crust Pizza (any flavor) Save P168
– Get 40% discount on Solo Pack or Buddy Pack Chicken ‘N’ Mojos! Save P171

Another some of the most popular benefits which I really like, get 10% discount every time you dining in any Shakey’s restaurant nationwide. Great to offset your service charged. =)

And this classic valued benefits offered, Birthday Freebie! Free Large Thin Crust Pepperoni pizza on your birth month or seven days before or after your birth date. =)

So, it’s worth buying this Shakey’s SuperCard at 499 pesos.

By the way, we had our dinner last night at Shakey’s Restaurant and enjoyed eating my daugther’s favorite pizza flavor Hawaiian Delight Party size Thin Crust pizza before I got my latest Super Card.

Looking forward to eating here again soon using my new supercard! =)