Many Filipino people regularly eat Shawarma as part of their diet. And I am one of those people who use to eat this kind of food recipe every now and then. This is like a soft taco with small sliced roasted beef or chicken meat and different vegetables plus secret sauces.

If your daily diet seems too strict of having no rice, try to include food like this that for sure you will also enjoy. I use to eat this but don’t carry any brand. But now, there is a company positioned in the market having their name created a new taste and made a signature shawarma in the food industry. TURKS is what I’m saying. =)

I bought and ate this TURKS Beef Vegetables Shawarma and tasted in two ways: First, the meat had much flavor, just like marinated in a special sauce before cooking. Second, their 3 kinds of sauces are tasty and yummy. Overall, their Shawarma(s) are much better to mine to any other Beef Shawarma I’ve ever tasted.

But, I want seeing meat for this recipe cooking in traditional way as the meat oil fat drips down while roasting just like the other always do. For less fat… =) Because, I don’t know how TURKS cooked their meat. =)