Here’s another great promo from SMART which just started again its hottest deal after the Smartphone My Phone my28s P888 deals from SMART Prepaid.

Get SMART BRO’S hottest deal, SMART Bro 4G Pocket WiFi ZTE device will now cost P888, down from its original price of almost 1,500 pesos. I just had it for only 888 pesos with free SMART Bro Prepaid SIM.

The said SIM is the SMART’s fastest internet SIM or LTE but you can only able to connect to 4G signal. But good thing about it, it has free 350 MB/month for first 3 months of mobile data services. Data allowances are quite small but it’s free anyway. =)

4G is not the same and not as fast as the LTE network but it is still faster than a 3G network. It may not be perfect but 4G Pocket WiFi also suits your needs when you are using internet outdoor. You’ll still be able to enjoy the connection and can also share the data to up to 10 devices.

I just tried using Facebook and normal internet websites browsing and it worked just fine. So it depends on what type of web user you are. =)

Not bad if you catch the unit at cheap price of 888 pesos and internet service costs may come a lot cheaper than LTE. =)

By the way, promo will last until June 30, 2016 only!