Finally! After months of waiting I finally have the hottest Smartphone deals from SMART Prepaid.

Because of out of stock issue, I went back to SMART store a couple of times to check if it is available. Luckily, just last weekend I got this My Phone my28s, an Android Smartphone kit for only 888 pesos.


I don’t think there was one user who could say, ‘It’s not worth buying into’. Having great mobile phone specifications like Android 5.1 Lollipop version of the operating system is an eye-catcher. How about the 1.2GHz Quad-Core processor?, it’s not the latest because Octa-Core enters smartphone market but it is not being left behind. Quad-Core still has a comfortable speed for browsing and works fast for certain applications.


In addition to main specs being mentioned, 5 Megapixel Main Camera with built-in LED flash is not bad. 8 or 13MP phone camera sounds better but some good 5MP phone cameras that take better photos than a bad 13MP shooter. =) By the way, 2MP Front Camera with Flash for my28s unit.

Other phone specifications of My Phone my28s that you are looking for; 4.0 Inch WVGA Display, 4GB ROM (Expandable up to 32GB micro SD slot), 512MB RAM, Dual SIM, WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, 1450 mAh Battery.

I’m a bit disappointed with the memory, 512MB is not an ideal number for running our usual doings over the internet now a days. It is no longer enough for typical browsing on Facebook and other popular sites or applications at once. In this case, is it worth to have Wi-Fi or 3G installed? But it’s not that bad, you can still enjoy using the internet browsing but not more than one browsing window/tab. =)

Anyway, limitations I already knew before I start looking My Phone my28s. But still wins my heart and bought it to use as a phone for a purpose of call and text.

I have had a Samsung Galaxy S Duos GT-S7562 that served me well for the past 5 years. Only battery life issue decides me to buy a new phone. SMART only cost me 888 pesos for a decent smart phone using call and text rather than buying a new battery for my Samsung Duos. Smart decision, right? =)

So, buying for a price of 888 pesos for My Phone my28s from SMART Prepaid is also considered a great deal and worth buying. =)

By the way, the promo which runs until April 3, 2016, is exclusively open to all SMART Prepaid users in any Smart store nationwide.