We cannot deny the beginning of summer here in the Philippines, that’s why I’ll take my chance now in any pinoy summer foods. =)

Actually, a creamy Halo-Halo I ate the other day from Nathanie’ls Molito Commercial Complex, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. It’s a traditional Pinoy Halo-Halo in a glass of mixed preserved sweetened beans, macapuno, ube, caramel custard, jackfruit, pinipig, gelatin, with crushed ice, milk and served with ube ice cream and corn flakes on top. Please see my picture here…

Nathaniel’s Special Halo-Halo is worth to buy and eat this summer in a tall glass with creamy and delicious halo-halo ingredients that only cost you 100 pesos.

But, it seems that Nathaniel’s is ignoring one ingredient for this Filipino dessert. What a halo-halo makes special without sweetened sliced ripe bananas in a mixture? =)

Using Shaved ice is very popular and important in this recipe but very fine crushed ice makes other crushed ice recipes different. I think Nathaniel’s didn’t get a point here.