We use to drink cold Frappuccino blended beverages which Mocha Frappuccino was our favorite every time we are in Starbucks. But, just the other day while I’m waiting in line for our orders, I saw their new S’Mores and Summer Berry Panna Cotta Frappuccino blended coffee and cream featured at display above the counter.

I convinced my wife to let me buy those new products instead of our favorite drink for a change. =)

S’Mores describes mixed with marshmallow, chocolate, graham cracker and coffee. Summer Berry mixes with berries layered with Italian style pudding.

Bought them both in Venti 24oz. and tasted S’Mores in cool delicious chocolate rocky texture beverage. And maybe because of the blend, I noticed a slight taste of caramel as there’s actually no caramel in it but I find it nice and delicious drink. =)

While the Summer Berry, you’re drinking like a very sour thick drink which I did not like. Thick! It’s no surprise because it’s made with Panna Cotta pudding, but the very sour taste comes maybe from the berry syrup was very awful for us.