We had wonderful summer trips last week. Our friends invited us to join on a camping trip in Zambales. But it’s not what you think, it’s like a modern campsite, developed campground that have restrooms with running water, flush toilets, cold showers and safe water to drink.

Camping experience speaks for itself, you will be camping. And building, sleeping in your own tent is the most popular in this kind of trip, and that is new for all of us. =) Camp cooking is not new and is just about as easy as we cook barbeque, roast chicken or fish in our own house. So it’s not a big challenge for us. Anyway, you may bring necessary things from home in this trip. =)

Working with the real trip challenge was a great self-discipline experience we had. We realized it’s far from the “real” world. NO television, radio, cell phone signal, internet connection and electricity. It means, NO Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, website browsing, chat, text and phone calls etc… =)

We’re all having a great time out in Anawangin Cove and Capones Island in Zambales with good angle of the beach, sand and mountain range. It feels really worthwhile and such a great rustic experience.

Coming to this places are a great plan to get out in a busy city. They make you feel like on other planet. No disturbances at all, where there is no electricity and you will likely receive no signals for phone and internet. Most especially, they are not crowded.


In Anawangin Cove, tent under tall Pine trees with clean and friendly campsite help us to camp more comfortably. One thing I really admire about the location, it’s a place without mosquitoes. I don’t know… but, I’m just sharing my experienced. =)

Most beaches look clean at first glance, but as you head to the shore for swimming, there are something disgusting in the water. But not here in Anawangin Cove beaches. Yes it’s true! They are not famous for its long sandy beaches but the water is beautiful and clean.

The only thing I can come up with is that, lots of dried pine tree flowers scattered on the sand that stick to your bare feet. Wear beach shoes to protect your feet from these objects.

Capones Island has more clean and beautiful beaches. Beach water is very clear with white and cold sand compare to Anawangin. A worthy side trip from the camp site. =)


Watch our Anawangin Cove Camping Trip Video


Watch our Capones Island White Beach Video