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Archive of posts published in the tag: S&R

Can I Get Cytotec Without Rx

S&R Membership Shopping will have again their MEMBER’S TREAT but not a 3 Day Sale just like before but they want their exclusive members to enjoy 5 Days of Big Savings, Up To 50% Off on Selected Items and their much awaited promo…

Cheap Cytotec Online

Happy to know there is already S&R Restaurant in SM Southmall Las Pinas. It’s not a casual dining inside S&R Membership Shopping supermarket but it’s a fast food, like their branch in Festival Supermall in Alabang and other places in Quezon City. Food…

Buy Cytotec At Walmart

Back in September last year S&R members are waiting for SALE treats from the biggest Membership Shopping store in the country. But, the company had nothing to offer. So, on September 30 expect the nationwide grand sale as S&R Members’ Treat is back! Every…