Sweating like crazy and fighting summer heat becomes a challenge for everyone. People are looking for more instant ways to beat this hot season. And we found one perfect place to beat the awesome heat.

At Dalitiwan Resort in Majayjay, Laguna, you can see fresh mineral water coming from Mount Banahaw to experience and enjoy its cold spring. Take a swim in the spring-fed man made swimming pool or dip in the refreshing crystal clear river with natural stones, rocks and boulders around and gushing water from its mini natural falls.

Discover this alluring resort with its beautiful natural surroundings close to mountain hills, trees and watercourse in sweeping currents from Mt. Banahaw.

Noted how worthy we traveled from Alabang to Barangay Ilayang Banga, Majayjay Laguna and chose Dalitiwan Resort, paid entrance fees of 90 for adults, 80 pesos each for children and Php500 for every cottage just to discover one of Laguna’s natural wonders. =)

Me and my family have gained invaluable experience with our travel trip to Laguna, Philippines this summer 2016 as it was our first time. We had a great day with our friends, we enjoyed a lot. =)


Watch our Dalitiwan Resort, Majayjay Laguna Summer Trip Video