Nescafe coffee product launches have become the stuff of most Filipino people who are regular coffee drinkers. A successful launch begins with great timing since they are the first who introduced the 3-in-1 Twin Pack Coffee Mix offering a suggested retail price of 9 pesos only, which means you can have two cups for only P9.00. This is something you can try if you’re on a budget.

Two coffee brands most noteworthy rivalries of all time here in the Philippines, Nescafe and Great Taste are the one I’m referring to. =)

After the Nescafe Original 3-in-1 Twin Pack Complete Coffee Mix, the Twin Pack Great Taste White 3-in-1 Coffee Mix was next.

Though they are very different coffee mix in sachet, they have a lot in common. First, twin pack (good for 2 cups). Second, cheaper price compare to their original 1 pack of 3-in-1 mix. Third, they are both light and mild compare to their original 1 pack of coffee mix.

And they are different because Great Taste White 3-in-1 is a coffee mix with more cream to have you a smooth and creamy cup of coffee compare to the other. But as I said, for me they are both light and mild even you pour it in a 170ml of hot water.

So again, it all depends on your taste. Anyway, just enjoy drinking your favorite coffee on any given day. =)

By the way, I bought the twin pack Great Taste White in our nearest sari-sari store. =)