I have a Car Charger I bought a couple years ago. I paid for one of those expensive USB car chargers before with downside, charger itself heats up and it has been very slow when charging.

I seldom use it because I’m afraid, thinking it might over heat then blow up or explode. =) So, I just use it when really needed. Just a few phone texts, 3 to 5 minutes of calls then get off. In other words, I’m not comfortable using it.

I bought new USB car charger, taking advantage of big discounts and deals in SM 3 Day Sale last week. For me, it’s a very affordable price item which I paid 323.++ pesos only from Ace Hardware. Originally cost P399.75 on sale at almost 20% off. =)


This TypeS Twin USB Car Charger is a quality charger (I think) for mobile devices and gadgets. It is light and compact, dual USB port with fast charging technology.

I use it every day since I had it. Works perfectly, safely fast charging (3.1A output) using one port without heating up. Charging 2 devices at the same time, rated output will be splitted (2.1A and 1.0A) between the two ports.

It does not isolate noise while using compare to others with annoying sound problem issue (complain from my friend). After 4 days of having it, I feel comfortable to be with my new TypeS car charger using it while driving.


By the way, I use it very often with my old GoPro as a daily dash cam to capture and record unique road events…. Cool! Isn’t it? =)