I bought a new Android Smartphone as I do every year. I got a new Cherry Moble Flare S Play yesterday at Cherry Mobile store kiosk in Festival Mall, Alabang.

It’s not a habit of buying latest stuffs. It’s a thing I need that will be useful for me. I prefer to pay in cash, rather than credit card with extra 5% fee charge.

The new gadget I paid for 4,999 pesos cash may not be a flagship but it has a best feature for me across all smart phones.


All phones and gadgets have a number of features in common or almost the same but not all have built-in Digital Television or DTV receiver.

I have extra phone before with same feature having a built-in television tuner. But it can’t build a clear picture. The pictures have lots of lines since it is only an Analog TV.

I will reserve my reviews until after I use the Flare S Play. =)

Cherry Mobile Flare S Play with Digital TV Full Specifications.