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Comments (16)
  1. Good morning Admin … Wow! Nice gadget… How I wish I can have that in the future… Wish ko Lang… Kaso di ko ma afford…

  2. How i wish to have that kind of gadget… mmmmphh.. 🙂 😉
    Good morning Admin, cupcake_vmd…

  3. ang gandang gadget nyan admin, kailan kaya ako magkaKaroon ng ganyan, wish ko lang lol,

    good morning sis cupcake, good morning brod killers..

    thanks admin..

  4. Very nice gadget IPAD mini4. Plan to buy one.

  5. Wow ako kya kelan mkkabili nyn hehehe gud noon @ admin cupcake Ygar rico killers

  6. …i want one of those…hehehehehe save muna since
    gasgas na ang plastic ko. ..i wanna claim it. Cheersmate!!!

  7. …heart14 sana mabasa ni aswang at regalo sa akin this Valentine’s Day..

  8. good evening po admin wow maganda talaga yun ipad apple kasi meron invert color makakatulong sa akin dahil sa mata ko makakabasa at malamig pa sa mata kaya yan ang bilhin natin

  9. @ omar sana nga at mkkrating s knya kung pde lng mgteleport at ibulong s aswang mo e hehehe ?

  10. Pingback: Buying Cytotec Philippines

  11. Good morning! Ang ganda naman how i wish makaipon ng pambili…hmmm pero kelan kaya? Hihihi

  12. Stylesquared166

    Good morning admin and all. Sabay tayo bili nyan pagnanalo tayo sa swertres 🙂 Maganda talaga ang apple..

  13. Next week gusto ko na makuha yang iPad mini na yan…lalabas na sana ang mentin natin @heart 14 hehehehe bago mag Valentine’s Day para mas lalong
    Masaya hehehehe!!!

  14. goodnoon ,,, i wish my mag regalo sa akin ng mini ipad sa ** Heartday** 🙂
    brod. omar kung bibili ka gawin mo 2 …akin ang 1 🙂

  15. Mganda tlga pag apple admin, mgnda features 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. nice one and good quality apple brand,,good pm sir admin

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