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Comments (8)
  1. good morning admin hahaha hindi pa naman ako kumakain ng century tuna 🙂 good lucks po ulit

  2. Cupcake_vmd

    Bro Michael masarap ang Century tuna try mo… Gawa ka tuna siomai yummy 🙂

  3. Good morning! ang cute cguro ninyong tingnan anoh? hihihi sana me pix 🙂

  4. Good afternoon….masarap yan gawin salad… YUMMY 🙂

  5. …i just love century tuna especially the tuna chunks
    I normally have some tuna flakes in brine mixed with thousand island dressing for my sandwich…love it!

  6. and good for the heart pa

  7. Para s mga nagdidiet n pabalik-balik

  8. Century tuna . . . okey yan!

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