It has been a wonderful running experience with my wife. Bond Run 2016 at DLSZ Ayala Alabang Village is another fun run game we played with different and unique experienced.

It’s not just all about getting involved, having fun run or having health benefits but getting the idea implied. It’s such a simple yet great concept for us to grasp.

Doing the whole run together with your partner attached at the wrist with garter is not just easy to break your personal time record, running in the same way you use to do or even winning the race or a place, if you are a competitive runner.

Things will change the way you run, but the most important is to remember great concept the game has. ‘It is not your partner who needs to change but it’s how to adjust yourself’. =)

Thanks to De La Salle Santiago Zobel Grad Ball Committee 2016 for this unforgettable experience.

By the way, we ate both the freebies Century Tuna Paella together. Besides of this food having desirable traits, we also like the taste. =)