Filipinos always point at the food they want to eat on the buffet table, and we don’t miss to look on a place with salads.

During my college years, I’m a fan of Wendy’s because they are the only fast food who serves salad on a budget at the counter that time. And I admired this restaurant for having a fresh salad buffet which they called it “Salad Bar”.

Aside from their best seller Bacon Mushroom Melt, this Salad Bar makes them popular. Though it’s a one trip policy, you can enjoy getting fresh chopped lettuce, sliced cucumber, tomatoes, pineapple tidbits, grated cheese, flavored jelly and others trying to fit all on a provided plate. It’s enjoyable, sharing and eating of food together in one plate has always been part of pinoy families and barkadas. =)

What a pity after they phase-out their famous salad bar many years ago. And many Wendy’s stores have been closed across Metro Manila. =(

But now, I have seen a lot of Wendy’s branches go out of business with SALAD BAR. Can’t wait to visit and try it again after many years.

It’s all worth to have this salad the other day for only 199 pesos at Robinsons Manila. =)

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