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Comments (12)
  1. Good morning admin?.. Wow yummy I’ll try that later… Enjoy your breakfast … GOD BLESS 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Goodmormorning admin @ cupcake…yummy nkkagutom 🙂

  3. good am. maam V, Heart14 hmmm, masarap yan egg de sal sa umaga paresan mo pa ng 3n1 coffee solve na ang araw mo.

  4. good morning admin and to your family.. masarap talaga yang chessy eggdesal na yan sa Mc Donald’s..

  5. Gudmorning Admin, cupcake, brod rico, brod jaguar, heart14..Happy Eating at McDo!!!! Woowwww… Sarap Naman nyan!!!matikman Nga!!!

  6. Wow! Yummy . . . I like it!

  7. Good morning …ito ang maganda drive thru ..usually pag magtravel kami /dvo to Mati … thanks McDo


  9. tsarap!!hopefully my Drive-Thru narin po sana ang mga Mc Donald dito sa Bohol..good morning admin!

  10. Stylesquared166

    Gandang hapon admin at sa lahat…yummy naman..yes masarap na swak pa sa budget.. 🙂

  11. …tried it this morning out of curiosity and i just love it. I normally have my breakfast on the go at jollibee but now mcdo is just as nice…

  12. di pa namin natikman yan sir admin masubukan nga sa mcdo.. thanks for the info sir admin

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