We went to McDonald’s the other day to have our breakfast but the place inside was jam-packed. Counter line was so long that we eventually gave up, decided to take their Drive-Thru service.

Went through the drive-thru and got our breakfast meals fast and quick. In about 5 minutes, I think. =) My daughter had her favorite hotcake. My wife and I got this new McDonald’s Cheesy Eggdesal.


Yummy and affordable (39 pesos only) sandwich from McDo makes our morning very bright. This new Cheesy Eggdesal tastes, of course you got the taste of an egg like they used to. And we are already familiar with the taste and texture of their own pandesal as they used it also in their Hamdesal. But the melted creamy cheese makes this egg sandwich different. I have no way to describe but just it taste yummy creamy not a salty cheese. =)


Actually, I detest eating any food inside the car nevertheless I have no choice. But the level of happiness we experience in eating the Cheesy Eggdesal on the go is true and worth. =)