I’m not saying that I’ve have been living a really healthy lifestyle. But, it’s good to be concerned about our health. =) And I do believe that there are other great ways to improve our healthy life, and using some herbal products are increasingly becoming the choice of most Filipinos.

I’ve tried to use several herbal supplements before but wheatgrass products are still the one I’m using for years. Just bought this Wheatgrass Honey herbal drink powder distributed by Wheatgrass C.A.N. International, Inc. and Easy Pha-max, it is a promo that you can save 380 pesos for this package which includes 3 boxes for 1,390 pesos only. While, if you will buy it separately per box (20g x 15 sachets) for 590 pesos, total of 1,770. =)

I got the promo offer from S&R Membership Shopping in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

By the way, I enjoy eating or drinking 100% natural wheatgrass products with benefits of having bowel movement on a daily basis. Though, real benefits of wheatgrass are infinity as they say.