I have got a runny nose when we are in Tagaytay City. That’s why I took advantage of buying this Honey Mansi Calamondin ‘Calamansi Concentrate with Honey while we were there roaming around buying pasalubong stuff. It caught my attention, since it will serve as my first aid from my common cold.

One thing I really like about this Honey Mansi though it is expensive, it is made from natural ingredients with no preservative, artificial flavoring or colorant. It costs about 250 pesos per 750ml. plastic bottle in Rowena’s, Tagaytay. (Pasalubong Haus and Restaurant)

I tried it and enjoyed the perfect blend of Honey, Calamansi and Cane Sugar that taste as good as they are. Ingredients in their natural flavors taste good. It is best and easy to take when you have a cold or maybe even cough as mine gone away easily. It is a natural alternative medicine. Wow! =)

I’m just getting over a cold and still taking every morning 1 to 2 tablespoons of Honey Mansi as Calamondin (Calamansi) is also known as a very good source of vitamin C and honey as an antioxidant. =)

Honey Mansi Calamondin ‘Calamansi Concentrate with Honey’ worth using but felt disappointed after having discovered that it is also available in some supermarkets here in Metro Manila for cheaper price of 175 pesos only.

I will buy this product again for sure. But I’m never going to buy at Rowena’s again. =)