Junk foods are not allowed in my daughter’s school and I certainly don’t want also my 7 year old child to eat any junk food. That’s why we always pack nutrient-packed snacks in our child’s lunch “baon” box/bag.

Any parent, also don’t want their children to loosed a recess without having eaten even a cookie or biscuit. So, we send our daughter to school with healthy and fun snacks. One of those packed snack is the Oatmeal Cookie from Quaker which also offers their new product Oatmeal Cookies Chocolate Chip which is already available on the market.

I considered oatmeal cookies healthy but my kid is not a fan of this and I’m sure other kids also. But with chocolate chips, it is a great recipe that my kid will love to bring and eat, and I am pretty much sure yours will love it too. =)

I recently packed my Grade 1 daughter this Quaker oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with her favorite juice drink for her morning snack today in her school.