Yang Chow Fried Rice is not just popular in China but it is also well-known locally as the best complete set yummy rice recipe. There is no denying about this when it comes to everyone’s favorites. =)

Based on my own experience, not all restaurants serve well-prepared Yang Chow. But there is one I knew, I can recommend. North Park Restaurant has a great selection of foods and dishes but one was an instant favorite because of its large serving size compare to others, affordable price of 188 pesos, suitable ingredients to taste Yang Chow better than ever.

Yes It’s North Park!, a Chinese restaurant you can trust that serves good affordable dishes without compromising on taste, serving size and quality most especially their Yang Chow Fried Rice. =)

By the way, said rice dish is made primarily with premium rice, pork, shrimp, Chinese chorizo, egg and necessary vegetable ingredients of green peace, carrot, corn and spring onions.

We enjoyed eating our lunch so much at the restaurant with these Yang Chow and Salted Garlic Squid. =)